Breakfast Links: Novo Nordisk Replaces Paula Deen with Some Sports Guy

Dominique Wilkins — I’m Taking Paula Deen’s Diabetes Spokesperson Gig (TMZ)
It looks like Novo Nordisk is tired of being associated with Paula Deen’s controversy, and announced yesterday that they were replacing Deen with Dominique Wilkins, an NBA player known as the “Human Highlight Film,” who also happens to be 1) black and 2) the type of person who doesn’t announce his diabetes diagnosis on national television. One giant leap for Novo Nordisk.

Handsome Cock Hard-Headed About Its Name (Washington City Paper)
The landlords of the Handsome Cock aren’t happy with the fact that their property boasts a sign that says “Handsome Cock.” The owners of the Handsome Cock don’t agree that the sign is in any way pornographic. We’re just laughing at all this. (Cocks.)

Taco Bell President May Not Know What 4/20 Is, But He Knows What The Kids Like (HuffPost)
(If the president of Taco Bell doesn’t know what 4/20 is, and he actually, legitimately doesn’t know what 4/20 is, we’ll eat at Taco Bell.)

The Best Restaurant in New York Is LOX at The Jewish Museum (Gawker)
“I got the sense that Lox NYC at Café Weissman at the Jewish Museum on 5th Ave had never before experienced customers, so everyone was just kind of feeling everyone else out.”

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