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Breakfast Links: Nut Theft Is An Actual Phenomenon

Nut Heists On The Rise As Demand For The Crop Soars (The Huffington Post)
With nut prices skyrocketing, Californian farmers are reporting an uptick in nut theft, with actual freaking cartels lifting truckloads of nuts at a time. Reportedly, these stolen nuts end up in farmer’s markets, making us wonder…what else can we get from farmer’s markets?

‘Mustard Gang’ Robbers Arrested in Italy (The Daily Meal)
Speaking of food theft, a gang successfully stole over $95,000 by throwing mustard at their intended victims and stealing their purses while the mustardee was distracted. But really, it was only a matter of time before the authorities could…ketchup with them. (We will NOT apologize for that joke, because really, the “Mustard Gang” sounds like a cartoon gang from The Powerpuff Girls.)

Haribo stops selling ‘racist’ sweets (The Telegraph)
After accusations of selling candy depicting offensive racial stereotypes, Haribo was forced to remove said candy from their shelves, as well as live with the shame of being known as racist candymakers. (Oh, Europe.)

Cover Story: Peter de Sève’s “Just a Pinch” (The New Yorker)
The illustrator explains his chef-inspired cover for the magazine’s latest edition, and let’s just say, it’s a fitting cover for how freaking cold it is here.

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