Breakfast Links: Oh Dear Lord, It’s Almost Time for Ramps

Serious Entertaining: Ramps Ramps Ramps Ramps Ramps (Serious Eats)
Are you prepared for ramps? Are you seriously ready for the deluge of ramps that will flood every restaurant ever? Brace yourself, ramps are coming.

The Best Restaurant in New York Is The American Girl Café (Gawker)
Two Gawker writers spend $74.58 to eat doll-sized foods with one American Girl doll and one American Girl doll that is supposed to be a boy. (“‘I call him Bieber!’ the waiter’s assistant said, after you wondered aloud whether it was “a boy or just butch.”)

20% Is the New 15%: Tipping in the Age of Digital Payment (Bon Appetit)
For one, tips are more abstract (“You don’t comprehend that it’s real money”), and for another, wealthier people are more likely to pay via digital transaction.

Gnocchi-Makers and Cognac Snifters: 14 Chefs and Their Very First Tweets (Grub Street)
Twitter turned eight yesterday, and to celebrate the occasion, the social network released an app that allowed us to watch celebrity chefs take their very first baby steps into the feral world known as the internet.

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