Breakfast Links: Oh No, There’s Too Much Bacon Roaming Wild in America (Oh No)

Why You Should be Eating More Wild Pigs Right Now (Serious Eats)
Free pigs that are also overpopulating America? Uh, did you say There is too much bacon and we need to eat it? Because that’s what we just heard.

George Clooney proposed to Amal over home-cooked meal (Page Six)
Damn you, Amal Alamuddin! Damn you for being so beautiful and intelligent and perfect to deserve a romantic dinner cooked by George Clooney. Damn you.

Video Interlude: Watch Alain Ducasse & Michel Roux Jr. Talk Michelin and the Evolution of Cooking (Eater)
The two legendary chefs coalesced at Google’s London offices to talk about everything under the sun, from Michelin stars to a post-protein world.

Even the Head Chef of the World’s Best Restaurant Doubts There’s a World’s Best Restaurant (FiveThirtyEight)
Why? Because numbers can’t capture the ineffable essence of restaurants, the individually tailored experiences of diners, or the visionary ways of the chef. (And if FiveThirtyEight is saying that, then you have a problem, restaurant rankings.)

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