Breakfast Links: Politics, Ranked by Chain Restaurant Preference

Liberals Eat at P.F. Chang’s, Conservatives at Cracker Barrel; And Other Fun Food Facts (Mediaite)
And Krispy Kreme is bipartisan! Fun fact, “bipartisan” is also the name of the heart surgery you’ll need to get after eating too many Krispy Kremes.

Do or Dine’s Justin Warner Lands a Cookbook Deal (Grub Street)
The Laws of Cooking … And How to Break Them will come out in the fall of 2015, so reserve your crate of foie gras now.

Dunkin’ Donuts readies to do battle in Europe (AP)
While they have outlets in Germany, Russia, Spain, Bulgaria, and Britain, they’re gearing up to do battle in the Scandinavian countries.

Behind the Scenes: The Best Risotto Rice in the World (Serious Eats)
The Rondolino family has been growing rice for nearly eight decades, and here’s how they stay on top of their game.

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