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Breakfast Links: Rand Paul Hops on the ‘Hating Domino’s’ Bandwagon

Rand Paul Compares Republican Party To Domino’s Pizza: ‘We Need A Different Kind Of Party’ (HuffPost Food)
Specifically: “He compared the Republican Party to a Domino Pizza’s ad campaign in which the company admits to having made bad dough in the past but promising change in the future.” (Pssssst, Rand: that was Subway.)

Oprah Partners With Billionaire Buddy Howard Schultz For Her Own Starbucks Tea (Forbes)
YOU GET AN OPRAH TEA! YOU GET AN OPRAH TEA! EVERYBODY WITH A STARBUCKS GETS AN OPRAH TEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAA! (We know, it’s such an old joke, but it fits so well in this case.)

Person Who Organized Nazi-Themed Dinner Says It’s Not That Big a Deal, Okay? (Grub Street)
Remember this? Remember how your eyebrows rose so high that it reached geostationary orbit? Yeah, you shouldn’t have done it, because according to the organizer, it’s a very “peaceful” kind of re-enactment! How dare you get offended by Nazi propaganda. How daaaaaare you.

How Ferran Adrià’ Made Sure el Bulli Plated Perfect Dishes Every Time (Slate)
In an excerpt from his seven-volume cookbook, Ferran Adrià recounts how he ensured each of his dishes looked consistently perfect night in, night out — and, ingeniously, part of the solution involved Play-Doh.

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