Breakfast Links: So Ferran Adria Went to A Shake Shack

Even Ferran Adrià Has to Wait in Line at Shake Shack (Eater NY)
How disappointed was he when he learned that a “shake shack” was not a liquefied burger frozen into custard form? Probably heartbroken.

You Might Soon Have to Pay for Reservations — Whether You Like It or Not (Grub Street)
Thanks to new app services like Resy and Killer Rezzy, which charge potential diners serious cash for hot reservations, it’s time to ask: will people actually pay money for a meal and a table?

New Cheerios Protein Are Made With Lentils, But Do They Taste Like It? (HuffPost)
Because when we think “protein,” we think “breakfast cereal made of pure carbohydrate”. (Actually, they cheated and added faux-granola clusters of lentils to add protein. General Mills is a factory of LIES.)

Man who called me a dictator is a ‘fraud’: Gordon Ramsay (Page Six)
EXTRA EXTRA: Man Complains Gordon Ramsay Is A Jerk, Gordon Claims Otherwise; World Keeps Spinning on Axis

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