Breakfast Links: Taco Bell is Taking Over Your Household Items

Taco Bell Crunchwrap Bed Sheets Will Prevent You From Getting Laid… Ever (HuffPost)
First “breakfast phones,” now bedsheets? Is Taco Bell just turning into IKEA?

Video Interlude: Watch a Commercial for Tarantino’s ‘Big Kahuna Burger’ (Eater)
After watching this, please do not go on a violent rampage and shoot people in the face. We understand the temptation to pull out your favorite Samuel L. Jackson impression, but don’t.

A Real Treat or Half-Baked? (NYT)
With the Cronut’s success, bakers everywhere are desperately banging desserts together like rocks, hoping that one of them will burst into existence as the New Big Thing. To wit: Mallomar macarons, Rice Krispie Treat ice cream sandwiches. Cragels. Will the madness never end?

The Problem with Food Porn Tourism (The Daily Beast)
More chefs weigh in on the issue of taking photos at restaurants.

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