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Breakfast Links: The Five-Second Rule Actually Works

The Five-Second Rule Is Now Supported by Scientific Evidence (Gizmodo)
So…it’s okay for us to eat floor chocolate? Surely it must.

Platt: Why This Is the Dark Age of Dessert (Grub Street)
Why have restaurants moved away from the decadent, delicate French desserts of yore, and towards pedestrian things like carrot cake and churros? Adam Platt speculates that it’s because of the death of the full-time dessert cook: “In today’s post-recessionary dining economy, dessert chefs tend to be viewed by your average restaurateur starting out in Cobble Hill (or even the West Village or midtown) as a luxury.”

Video Interlude: Watch Science Explain How Your Mouth Reacts to ‘Spicy’ (Eater)
Face it, you’ve always wanted to know, because you’re a curious individual who seeks out new knowledge wherever it may be. (YEAH WE WATCHED COSMOS.)

Even Sugar Is More Harmful Than Marijuana, Americans Say (HuffPost Food)
Sooo…no floor chocolate?

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