Breakfast Links: The Hound Loves KFC

KFC Capitalizing on Game of Thrones (Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
Try the “Every F***ing Chicken In This Room” deal. Polliver-tested, Hound-approved.

Burger King Wire: Burger King Might Open in Crimea After McDonald’s Exit (Eater)
Well, there is a fast food vacuum in the Crimea…maybe capitalism is still alive?

Sriracha, Sapporo and 17 Other Food Brand Names You’re Probably Mispronouncing (HuffPost Food)
We believe it’s pronounced Siri-russia.

City Apparently Considers Turning to Google Glass to Record DOH Inspections (Grub Street)
Why not just employ robots? They’re practically the same thing, and at least the DOH would be honest about being a soulless bureaucracy.

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