Breakfast Links: The Secret Ingredient in This Goat Meat is Cocaine

7 Lbs of Cocaine Found Stuffed in Frozen Goat Meat at JFK Airport (Gawker)
So that’s why we’re so energized right now.

Video Interlude: Watch Taco Bell Mock McDonald’s and the Egg McMuffin (Eater)
It’s touchingly juxtaposed with a man’s reluctant release of his childhood Egg McMuffin, whose slow acceptance of adulthood is spurred by his discovery of the waffle breakfast taco. So poignant.

‘Chopped’ winner fired cook for taking care of dying wife: lawsuit (NYP)
If this is true, that chef (Anthony Paris) is an ass.

How I Survived My One Night as a Prep Cook in Chef David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar (KQED)
When the romantic idea of becoming a chef meets the harsh, harsh world of reality.

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