Breakfast Links: The Seder Plate Personality Test

A Seder Plate for Every Personality (Tablet)
No, really, these are some extremely fancy and well-designed seder plates. (For the tasteful Jewish woman.)

Washington, D.C., Restaurant Says ‘at Least Half’ of Its Customers Use Phones at the Table (Grub Street)
They don’t mention that DC patrons are also twice as likely to suddenly stand up in the middle of dinner, say “MY CONGRESSMAN NEEDS ME,” and disappear.

Kickstartin’: Chicago’s Aviary Asks Kickstarter to Pull Porthole Copycat (Eater)
They really look exactly like the beautiful Porthole, so good job, copycats.

Sorry, Domino’s Is Not Serving A Fried Chicken Pizza Crust (HuffPost Food)

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