Breakfast Links: The Worst Part of Waking Up is Peach Cobbler-Flavored Coffee in Your Cup

Dunkin’ Donuts New Coffee Line Is All Wrong (Peach Cobbler?!?) (HuffPost)
Coconut coffee. Toasted Almond. Peach Freaking Cobbler. They were all gross. Thank you, HuffPost, for sacrificing your palates for the sake of tasting these.

Todd English to perform in NYC rock opera (
The one-off role in The Life + Death of Kenyon Phillips is currently unspecified, but can we call it? His role is that of a formerly glamorous but over-the-hill chef who spends a lot of time partying with topless women. (Breaking the mold!)

Italians Call for an End to Mafia-Themed Products (Grub Street)
Naming Italian products after Mafiosi has, in one trade organization’s words, perpetuated a “market of horrors” that “damage[s] the image of Italy abroad” and hurts the “many Italians” at home who are victims of organized crime. (Insert “We already forgoddaboutit” joke here.)

Stunts: Walking Dead Beer Actually Contains Real Brains (Eater)
This beer tastes of “smoked goat brains, to be specific, along with wheat, oats, flaked barley, and cranberry.” Perfect for winter get-togethers while camping out during the zombie apocalypse!

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