Breakfast Links: These Words Are Forbidden

The Infatuation Glossary of Bad Words (Immaculate Infatuation)
Please, for the love of Bocuse, stop saying “foodie,” “I die,” or even “yum.” Yes. “Yum” is forbidden. Any violation will be punished by being Instagrammed to death.

Video Interlude: Watch Veggies Get the Kubrick Treatment in a Danish Ad (Eater)
Open the pea pod doors, Dave.

Soon All Our Food Will Be Doritos Flavored, Whether We Like It or Not (Grub Street)
A list of all the foods that have been Dorito-fied. It’s a short list, but it’s a list of too many things.

Chefs Confess That ‘If You Don’t Tell People What They’re Eating, They’ll Like It’ (HuffPost Food)
It’s not that they’re out to deceive or trick you, but as Michael Voltaggio puts it: “This whole description was there, and then you get a dried-up piece of chicken. … Now it’s like, under-write it and over-deliver on the flavor of the dish.”

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