Breakfast Links: Today Is Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day

Free Cone Day 2014: Where To Get Free Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream On April 8 (HuffPost)
It’s that magical day of the year when Ben & Jerry’s gives out ice cream, for free, to all the children of the world! Here’s a map telling you where you can get your free cone. Of course, remember that free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream also comes with the great, free experience of waiting in a huge line for free ice cream. (It has to cost you something.)

How Global Warming Will Affect Your Beer (PopSci)
In short: barley grown without enough water turns less starchy and more protein-y, which ends up making beer taste different, which will inevitably lead to beer becoming more expensive.

Tavern on the Green debut brunch sells out (NYPost)
After five long years of closure, the iconic Central Park restaurant is reopening under new leadership for Mother’s Day brunch. Who knows what’s going to happen to it, but at least Tavern is going to make bank that weekend.

The Evolution Of Pizza (BuzzFeed)
You think you know pizza? If you’ve never seen its history told via snazzy graphics and all-caps captions, then you know nothing.

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