Breakfast Links: Today We Learned that One Can Contract Food Poisoning through Sex

There is such a thing as sexually transmitted food poisoning (
As in, you can contract food poisoning, have sex, and then your partner will contract the symptoms of food poisoning. The moral of the story: don’t have sex while you have food poisoning.

You Don’t Have to Be Jewish to Love a Kosher Prison Meal (The New York Times)
After a federal court ruled that Florida prisons were legally obligated to serve pricier, better-tasting kosher meals to Jewish inmates, the state’s become overwhelmed with requests from gentile prisoners to receive kosher meals too. Apparently, the only requirements to becoming a Jew in Florida’s prison system is to profess a belief in Judaism and also have a contentious relationship with your mother.

McDonald’s ‘Firmly’ Denies Report Of Massive Tax Evasion In France (The Huffington Post)
French tax authorities have accused the fast food giant of trying to avoid paying taxes on nearly $3 billion of its French revenues. In return, McDonald’s wrote “Ceci n’est pas nous revenue” under the picture of a middle finger. (Metaphorically.)

Pizza Hut Goes Artisanal…and Artistic (Serious Eats)
And by “artisanal,” they mean “we will no longer make all our pies look like they’ve been stamped out a machine.” Seriously, the press release from the CEO, who has just realized how behind the times she is, is something to behold.

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