Breakfast Links: Wait, No; Give Your Loved One A Bread Lamp!

HuffPost Food: BECAUSE SERIOUSLY A LAMP MADE OUT OF BREAD. And, with some LED lights, a layer of indelible resin, and the right loaf of bread, it’s so easy to make right now. Ugh, we feel so warm and toasty just looking at it.

Grub Street: So we’re not sure what to do about these Taco Bell promise rings. Are they signs of our deep love for Taco Bell, or a sign that we’re abstaining from eating Taco Bell until we’re married?

The New York Times: New York City Mayor-Elect Bill DeBlasio is a Park Slope Dad, which means that all his neighborhood restaurants are having a hard time saying goodbye. Give him three months, he’ll have a favorite table at Peter Luger’s by then.

Obama Foodorama: Why does the White House look so pretty during the holidays? Thank Jackie Kennedy, but then thank Bill Yosses.

Bon Appetit: That Pizza Underground band that you thought was just Macaulay Caulkin’s garage project? Yeah, it has its own actual holiday playlist.


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