Breakfast Links: Watch Children Be Traumatized by McDonald’s New Mascot Box Funtime Pal

Watch Real Kids React to McDonald’s Terrifying New Mascot
(Grub Street)
“For a second it actually kind of makes me happy, and then for another second it actually kind of creeps me out.”

The Oculus Rift Is Coming To Chuck E. Cheese (TechCrunch)
This is just a disturbing morning for children, isn’t it?

DOH Chronicles: Thousands Possibly Exposed to Hep A at a Red Robin (Eater)
Yeah, this is a really terrible morning for children. (Also adults. But think of the children.)

This 9/11 Cheese Plate May Be The 9/11 Museum’s Most Tasteless Souvenir (Gothamist)
…it’s a terrible morning all around.

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