Breakfast Links: We Vow to Try Eating Alone in 2014

Serious Eats: Jamie Feldmar gives us one of the most compelling arguments to try eating alone — namely, that you’re not a loser weirdo if you dare to eat alone in a busy restaurant in New York City. (We clearly didn’t need that much convincing.) Writes Feldmar, “I’m used to spending a fair amount of time in my own head. I like it in there. And since I like to eat, too, it’s only natural that I should combine two enjoyable activities into one.” Amen, Feldmar — if we knew you, we’d buy you a drink. Or a pork bun at Momofuku, whatevs.

Grubstreet: Lower East Side bar Attaboy composed an Instagram list of “rules of the holidays,” which we agree with Grubstreet — these should be our life mottos. Especially #5: “Don’t wait, patience can suck it.”

Lucky Peach: The best “hot nuts” we’ll ever see. (Not a euphemism guys, geez — just a cool illustration of the hot nut vendors you see this time of year.) The illustration is for the street food issue of Lucky Peach, out soon.

Eater: Drones: they aren’t just for invading your privacy a la NSA anymore! One restaurant in Austin “imagines” (aka spoofs) a world where drones deliver your food. We are hungry and scared.

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