Breakfast Links: We’re Over Human Chefs, Look at Computer Chefs!

When a Computer Is Your Personal Chef, What Could Go Wrong? (Mashable)

Ok, fair point. Still, Mashable dives into the IBM-made computing-and-cooking device that’s made its debut at SxSW, and it’s kind of ridiculously cool.

Jared Fogle On Subway Bread Controversy: ‘When It Was Cooked, It Was Fine’(Huffington Post)

Erm, not much of a convincing argument you got there, Jared.

How to Brunch Like a Chef (Food & Wine)

It is Sunday, after all.

Watch This Japanese Chef Make Very, Very Tiny Sushi (Grubstreet)

It’s like when we were kids and made tiny foods for our dolls … out of clay … same thing, right?

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