Breakfast Links: We’re Running Out of Velveeta

Possible Velveeta shortage looms (CNN)
Thanks to a seasonal increase in demand (aka college football), the freakishly orange and velvety cheese may not be widely available in time for the Super Bowl. Damnit, football!

‘Table For One’ Booth Makes Us Want To Laugh And Cry At The Same Time (Huffington Post)
Some ingenious/sadistic restaurant owner made a special table to constantly remind singletons that no one wanted to join them for lunch.

Video Interlude: Watch Roy Choi’s Google Talk Reflecting on L.A. Son (
The chef-turned-provocateur-turned memoirist reflects on his writing process — and is surprised that he even did it: “It seemed kinda douchey to write a book about yourself,” he admits.

Making the Restaurant Part of the Family (New York Times)
In which some young French chefs shock the highly traditional culinary establishment by insisting on — GASP — having families.

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