Breakfast Links: We’ve Heard This Rene Redzepi Guy Is Pretty Good

Noma’s Best Restaurant Win Tastes Pretty Sweet To Chef Rene Redzepi (TIME)
After a few years sitting at the dreaded number two spot (and essentially in exile), Rene Redzepi and Noma once again came out on top at the recent World’s 50 Best Restaurants. He is having Good Times.

Taco Bell shares what the ‘other’ ingredients are in its beef (The Week)
Did you know that only 88% of Taco Bell’s ground beef is actually beef? The company revealed that its other ingredients include scary-sounding substances (torula yeast, maltodextrin, sodium phosphates, and lactic acid among them), but really, they’re all okay foods. Pinky promise.

In-N-Out in Berkeley a hoax: Will there ever be an In-N-Out in Berkeley? (SBNation)
Short answer: no. Long answer: Ha ha ha ha ha, we got your hopes up with this prank and then crushed your dreams! How you like us now? xoxo, jackass pranksters.

A Grande Dame Branches Out (NYT)
The life and times of culinary anthropologist Diana Kennedy, who’s branching from cuisine into environmental protection (but still has time for tacos).

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