Breakfast Links: What Does The Fox Taste Like?

Quartz: Whatever fox meat tastes like, it’s apparently an unacceptable substitute for the popular delicacy donkey meat, as a furious Chinese customer discovered that he was being sold — wait for it — faux meat. (Yes, sorry, pun, we know, but how could you resist). Even worse, the fox meat was being sold in a north Chinese Wal-Mart. Who’s an ass now, Wal-Mart? You or the fox?

Grub Street: The Brooklynification of the world continues with the opening of Brooklyn Bowl, a bowling alley/performance venue/Blue Ribbon restaurant fun time zone, right next to London’s O2 Arena. (They’ll probably approximate Brooklyn better than Canada. Tee hee.)

The New Yorker: Shonda Roberts, a thirty-eight year old mother of three, has worked full-time in the fast food industry for over twenty years, and still only makes $8 an hour. So how has joining the nationwide food strikes helped her?

The Price Hike: And now, back to the world of ludicrously expensive things for obscenely rich New Yorkers: Oh, no! 3-star Michelin restaurant Brooklyn Fare is now almost as expensive than 3-star Michelin restaurant Per Se! Wherever shall we wear our top hats to dine, Madge?

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