Breakfast Links: What Makes Gordon Ramsay Weep Real Tears?

Gordon Ramsay Claims He Cried When He Lost Two Michelin Stars (Eater)
In his defense, he lost two of them at once for quality issues at the Gordon Ramsay at the London, which is the only time in the history of the Guide that such a drastic downgrade has ever happened. According to Ramsay, losing two stars at once is like “losing a girlfriend” and “losing the Champions League.”

Cal Poly Bans Shots, Beer Bongs And Drinking Games At Greek Parties (HuffPost Food)
Even the students older than 21 aren’t allowed to quickly consume small units of hard alcohol, which, according to a paraphrased quote from the great philosopher LMFAO, is “SAD! SAD! SAD! SAD SAD SAD!”

What Honest Abe’s Appetite Tells Us About His Life (NPR)
You would not be surprised to learn that Abraham Lincoln ate secessionists and divided houses. (But sometimes he ate human food too.)

French chefs rebel against ‘food porn’ pix (The Local)
Like a heartworm, the practice of Instagramming food has made it to France, and the chefs there are retaliating by banning cameras in their restaurants. To underscore the point, the chef at La Grenouillere put up a giant sign with a line going through a camera.

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