Breakfast Links: Whole Foods Begins the GMO Purge with Chobani

WSJ: As part of its plan to require labels on products containing GMOs, Whole Foods is pulling the Greek yogurt Chobani from its shelves. Chobani, for its part, sprouted tentacles and refused to let go of the refrigerator aisle.

Table Matters: Ants are no match for the omnivorous, piranha-esque appetite of Alex Atala, especially when placed on a pineapple.

HuffPost Food: Restaurant conglomerate Darden is looking to either sell or spin off Red Lobster. We thought we’d have to write a eulogy for cheddar biscuits, but today is not that day.

Eater Philly: A restaurant was falsely accused of selling cat meat by a bunch of online trolls.

Grub Street: Shake Shack brings its shake ways to Moscow.

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