Breakfast Links: Wine Blinded Us with Science

The Science of Wine (The Week)
Beyond the basic “alcohol = crunk” science, that is.

Video Interlude : Watch a Woman Eat Two 72-Ounce Steaks in 15 Minutes (Eater)
We covered Molly Schuyler’s world record-breaking consumption of one 72-0z steak, and to see her go for TWO — well, it’s like watching Chuck Yeager break the sound barrier, except our stomachs just burst instead of the air.

The Importance of the Soil (
Michael Ruhlman responds to Dan Barber’s thought-provoking op-ed on crop rotation from last week’s New York Times: “It’s an incredibly complex picture with no easily attainable solutions. But at least the conversation is underway and continuous.”

Beyond Hot Dogs: 6 Tips For Gourmet Campfire Cuisine (YumSugar)
Ain’t no one got time for hot dog casserole this summer. Except, of course, if you are actually crunched for time. Then you can use hot dogs. We give you permission.

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