Breakfast Links: Wood-Fired Bagels Are The Best Thing That’s Happened to Bagels, Ever

How Black Seed Makes Its Hand-Rolled, Wood-Fired, Highly Coveted Bagels (Grubstreet)

So bagels are the new Cronut, we guess? Or really, bagels are the new bagels? Just give us a bagel, OK?

Meet the “Wonut”: The Waffle-Donut The World Didn’t Know It Needed (First We Feast)

On second thought, we’ll just take one of those.

Someone Has Been Stealing From Mister Softee Trucks (Gothamist)

It’s coming from the inside, folks — not cool.

Which Will Make You Sicker: Four Star V. Fast Food (TIME)

Sorry, Per Se — turns out, McDonald’s is the safer choice.

8 Amazing Photos from the World Famous Pinklady Contest (FWX)

Lady food photogs making some bad ass art — we dig.

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