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Breakfast Links: Yelp Adds LA Restaurant Grades to Listings, NYC Bans Foam Containers and E-Cigs

LA Times: If New York did this … we wouldn’t even want to know. Now, restaurants’ letter grades will be shown up top with contact and basic information on their Yelp listings, which allows users to see summarized reports of their grades in the past.

The New York Times: Meanwhile, the New York City council banned the use of styrofoam food containers and e-cigarettes in public spaces. So no more takeout smoke breaks for you!

The Daily Meal: Everything that happened in food in 2013. Of course Sriracha and Cronuts are on it.

USA Today: So many crazy food fusions, so little time. Except that we don’t really think Korean fried chicken is all that exotic anymore, but whatever.

Huffington Post: These “Sochi Singers,” or singers who belt out tunes in restaurants, are sort of mesmerizing to see. These painfullly hilarious photos are taken in the “Florida of Russia,” so we all know what that means.

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