Breakfast Links: Your Vegetarian Friend Wrote This Link Roundup

Coming Attractions: John Tesar Reveals Major Details for Knife, His Upcoming Dallas ‘Meat Restaurant’ (Eater National)
Included in the meat restaurant that is most definitely not a steakhouse: “slabs of meat” and “bacon tastings.” Your vegetarian friend will still inevitably want to go because they will have somehow missed the memo that it’s a meat restaurant.

For Eclair Fans, a Must-Eat at General Assembly (Serious Eats)
Three words: key-lime eclair. (It’s electric green!)

Fake Meats, Finally, Taste Like Chicken (NYT)
Speaking of your vegetarian friend…

When You Buy Chicken, It Could Be From China… Without a Label (HuffPost Food)
Aw man, did your vegetarian friend sneak this link into the morning link roundup? Thanks, vegetarian friend.

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