British Councillor Claims Food Poverty Doesn’t Exist Because He Can’t Get a Restaurant Reservation on Weekends

Next time you’re sad about or snarking on America because of its extreme food insecurity and Congress’s incessant cuts to SNAP benefits, think about the UK. A Conservative councillor in the West Sussex town of Crawley just tried denying that food poverty is an issue for his area because its restaurants are so crowded that he can’t get a reservation on weekends. Surely, in the future, this will have nothing to do with Front of House thinking he’s a dick.

The comment tragically fell out of his mouth during a Labour proposal to open a second Crawly food bank, due to the first one being overrun. Said Councillor Liam Marshall-Ascough:

“The problem is Labour have a certain agenda to try and push their cost of living crisis policy, when in reality there isn’t a cost of living crisis. Some people are finding it hard but everyone’s finding it hard.”

Okay, we don’t even know what those words strung together in that particular sentence mean. Thankfully, by way of explanation, he added, “People aren’t in poverty in terms of going without food. You try booking a restaurant in Crawley on a Friday or Saturday night. You can’t do it.”

So hungry Great Britain has this guy and Jamie “Confused by the Poor” Oliver going to bat for it. Fantastic.

[Huffington Post UK]

Jamie Oliver Is Confused By The Poor

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