WATCH: Buddy Valastro Hops On The Save-A-Restaurant Bandwagon With New Show

We’re calling it right now: Buddy Valastro is going to be the next Celebrity Food Person Juggernaut, because he’s following the formula to a T: reality show about cake-baking family, check. Reality competition about cake-baking wannabes, check. And now, much like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Robert Irvine, he’s swooping into small businesses and “saving” them with ratings!

Last night, TLC premiered Bakery Boss, one of those shows where Buddy comes in off his high fondant horse to help a struggling bakery in a small town somewhere in America — in this case, the Friendly Bake Shop of Frankfurt, NY — turn a profit.  While the Huffington Post reported that Buddy’s intervention worked (three months after the restaurant’s re-opening, the owners say that their business is “three times higher” than it used to be), we can’t help but wonder: would Buddy have been able to save the crazy Kitchen Nightmares couple’s bakery/pizzeria/whatever?

Watch Buddy Valastro single-handedly beat back the recession with giant fondant rollers and buckets of mawdeling chawclate below:'Bakery Boss' Premiere: Buddy Valastro Saves a Fellow Bakery

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[h/t The Huffington Post]

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