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WATCH: Buddy Valastro Forces Babies To Participate In Cruel ‘Cake Smash’

Look at that baby! That baby is miserable! Sure, to an adult human, a cake smash sounds like an awesome idea: messy, tasty, guaranteed sugar rush. But to a baby it sounds like, oh, wait, we have no idea what it sounds like because we can’t read babies’ minds, and so therefore we shouldn’t assume that they would enjoy being forced to shove their little faces into disproportionately large, butter cream-smothered confections from Hoboken.

But please, by all means, check out Buddy Valastro’s Cake Smash Challenge from Good Morning America today below, and tell us what you think of this practice. Poor Patrick, Piper, Madison, Maeve, and Greyson can’t tell us of their horrors, so you’ll have to infer from their screaming, crying, and general misery how they felt about competitive cake smashing.

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