WATCH: Buddy Valastro Battles Sandra Lee For ‘Most Racist Dessert’ Title With Piñata Cake

Buddy Valastro closed out The Rachael Ray Show today with a Cinco de Mayo dessert for her fiesta-themed show. So what recipe did the Cake Boss bring along with him? Cajeta? Nicuatole? Arroz con leche? Buñuelos? Cocadas?

None of the above. He made a cake filled with jelly beans and topped with Fruit by the Foot. Viva México! Rick Bayless can’t wait to put this on the menu at Topolobampo.

Basically, it’s a pound cake with a hollow center that you fill with your favorite candies, then ice, then cover in small strips of Fruit by the Foot to make it look like a piñata. Ie., this cake looks disgusting, resembles Sandra Lee’s “Kwanzaa Cake” more than we’re comfortable admitting, and is borderline just as racist. Oh and can you guess Buddy’s favorite part of Cinco de Mayo?

“I love Cinco de Mayo because every Cinco de Mayo gives me the excuse to have a couple beers, or margaritas, or beers.”

Well said. Check out Cinco de Mayo “Hoboken Style” below.

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