WATCH: Richard Blais Declares Velveeta ‘Molecular Gastronomy At Its Finest’

On this week’s Burger Lab with Richard Blais, he constructs a chicken fried chicken patty burger (we’re still determining how that’s different from “fried chicken”), with mac ‘n’ cheese (like, as an actual burger condiment), and slaps the whole thing on a biscuit for good measure. Here’s the thing with mac ‘n’ cheese: the trashier the better. Blais’ secret weapon?

“It’s Velveeta, to be honest with you. Molecular gastronomy at its finest, a great melting cheese…Sometimes I think, as chefs, we can get a little bit too full of ourselves: ‘we don’t use products like this.’ I have no problem with it. Elbow macaroni, guys. It’s gotta be elbow macaroni. I mean, are you gonna use orecchiette? Like, it’s an American classic.”

It might be too early in the day for a Dirty South foodgasm, but go ahead and indulge anyway. You can check out this week’s Burger Lab in its entirety below.

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