Sushi Chefs Rejoice: California Food-Handlers Glove Mandate Repealed

Like an S&M experiment gone awry, a California bill signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown last year required all food handlers in the state to wear gloves when touching food that would go out to diners. Are you a craft bartender who spanks his own mint? Yeah, you’d have to wear gloves for that. Are you a world-class sushi chef who studied your tactile craft for years in Japan? Yeah, under the law, you’d have to wear gloves to smush those rice rolls together. Governor Jerry Brown doesn’t care about your craft. Governor Jerry Brown just wants less Hepatitis infections.

Assemblyman Richard Pan, D-Sacramento introduced a bill to repeal the law in light of concerns from the aforementioned food craftsmen.

“It’s not about whether you wear gloves or not,” he told the Associated Press. “It’s about how clean the surfaces (touching food) are. We need to have the conversation go back to, ‘This is about food safety.’ ”

See, guys? Occasionally, culinary voices of reason prevail. (Sorry about that foie gras ban, though.)

[Associated Press]

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