California Passes Law Allowing Residents To Sell Home-Cooked Products Without Commercial License

How provincial we’re becoming here in the United States of Over-processing! A California law passed last year allowing residents to sell their home-cooked goods in restaurants and grocery stores just went into effect, and it bodes well for the economy, even if the health nuts freak out over it.

Basically it states that amateur home-cooks can sell certain non-hazardous foods (like non-cream filled goods, candy, dried fruit, pastas, granola, roasted coffee, jams, jellies, preserves and popcorn) commercially without any sort of commercial license.

“Up until now, people who wanted to turn their passion into a small business were faced with stifling red tape,” said Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles), who wrote the bill.

While products like meat, dairy, and other perishable goods are still verboten for home-purveyors, they are freed from the prohibitive costs and paperwork involved with commercial licensing. Grandma can finally cushion her retirement fund by selling those homemade dill pickles everyone loves!

The law even has a nice little clause written into it to prevent large-scale food processors from taking advantage in order to skirt health code regulations. Home-cooks (so-called “cottage operators”) can only make $35,000 a year off their product, and can only employ one full-time (or equivalent) worker.

Isn’t it really magical when useful, protective laws that kindle The American Dream are passed? Isn’t it, Congress?

[The Huffington Post]

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