Intended Victim Of Man Plotting To Cook And Eat Over 100 Women Now ‘Terrified For Her Life’

Remember that cop who was using police databases to obtain names and addresses of women he intended to slow cook and then eat? Well, first of all, we’re sorry for reminding you of him, but second of all, one of his intended victims is now “terrified for her life and safety” after learning that she was involved in the case.

“She’s frightened, confined to her own home with her mother,” said the victim’s lawyer Michelle Mechanic in court on Friday, arguing against setting bail for Gilberto Valle.

Valle found the woman’s name and address in the database after meeting her in person. A February 28th instant message conversation with a co-conspirator reveals that he was planning her kidnapping.

“She won’t leave her small apartment out of abject fear,” the lawyer added. “She can’t imagine what she would do if he is released from custody.”

We feel for her. We admit this story gives us all of the heebie jeebies. All of them.

[New York Daily News]

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