Carla Hall’s Overpriced Pop-Up Resto Deal Is $40 Cheaper On Bloomspot Than LivingSocial

Remember that time LivingSocial ran a “deal” on a meal at Carla Hall’s second pop-up restaurant (opening at David Burke’s) for $175, “valued” at $399? And we were all:

Yeah, well, the 52 fans who purchased that deal should avert their eyes: Bloomspot is offering the same experience (four courses with wine/cocktail pairings, a gift certificate for wine, and a bag of Carla’s Alchemy cookies) for $135. Still steep, but definitely closer to what the meal is actually worth than the $175 LivingSocial was charging. As visitors to the first incarnation of the pop-up (which had virtually the same menu as this one), we’d say splurge and go for it. The cocktails alone are worth it.

Comparatively, the Top Chef Kitchen pop-up restaurant is going for $95 per person for four courses without wine pairings, and $125 with. Of course, reservations for that booked up in 45 minutes, so you’re kind of stuck with Carla if you’re dying to eat a special Top Chef menu.


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