WATCH: Carla Hall Continues Great Tradition of Celeb Chef Pageant Judging on Miss America

Cat Cora judged Miss USA; Masaharu Morimoto judged Miss Universe; and now, Carla Hall joins the ranks of D-list pop stars and stylish gays to judge last night’s Miss America pageant in the apparently now-ubiquitous celebrity chef judge’s seat.

She tells That Guy Who Hosts The Bachelor that she takes the position of having someone’s life in her hands very seriously. (Because they line up the Miss America losers and execute them, Breaking Bad style, if they don’t take the crown.)

Carla also had the distinct honor of grilling (spoiler alert) eventual winner Miss New York on what she thought of Julie Chen’s plastic surgery to Westernize her Asian eyes. (We’re sorry to report that this isn’t The Embarrassing Stumbly Answer of the Night; Miss New York kept it together.) Check out two clips of Carla on the panel below.

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