WATCH: Carla Hall Was Playing Words With [Mario Batali’s Wife] Friends at Miss America

We’ve made it halfway through the day, firm in our resolve to report breaking and/or interesting news besides that Shmonut Crole Concrete thing that’s apparently happening some thirty blocks uptown of us right now, because, really, we just can’t.

And if it wasn’t for us, who would have unearthed this tidbit from Sunday night’s Miss America pageant: its esteemed celebrity chef judge Miss Carla Hall was apparently playing Words With Friends with Mario Batali’s wife during the commercial breaks of the high-octane competition. Obviously, we’re hoping she played the word “buttglue” at some point during the course of the evening.

Check out Carla’s STUNNING ADMISSION, by which we mean Batali totally threw her under the bus in the middle of today’s episode of The Chew, below. (Or, fine, just go read about what people were supposed to be doing instead of being in line for cronuts. Whatever.)

WATCH: Carla Hall Continues Great Tradition of Celeb Chef Pageant Judging on Miss America
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