Carla Hall Finally Gets Her Own Pop-Up Restaurant

Attention, people of Earth (in the NYC area between the dates of July 18th and July 19th): Carla Hall is opening a pop-up! Carla Hall is serving up her signature Southern cuisine, cooked with love and hootie-hoos and overexcited dance breaks, for two days in New York City!

“What if I had a place for just two days?  Would you come?” she asked in her announcement of the project. Our response: “It is about damn time!” For ever since she hooted her way into America’s hearts, Hall’s played many roles: cookie caterer, two-time finalist on Top Chef, and cohost of The Chew.  All great things to be, but we’ve always wanted her to own a restaurant and cook things like mind-blowing peas and delicious fried chickens and Jimmy Fallon pot pies, just so we can eat them.

So when we heard that Hall, with the help of David Burke, would be opening a pop-up restaurant in Burke-in-a-Box at Bloomingdale’s, we were apoplectic with joy…until we learned that the tasting menu was $135 with wine pairings and cocktails. Arrrrrgh, pricey tasting menus. But! That does not diminish the happy occasion of Carla getting her own restaurant for two days! We’d say “give this woman a TV show,” but she already has one, so, yeah, give her her own restaurant.


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