WATCH: ‘Girl Code’ Host Carly Aquilino is a Hot Sauce Champion Who Deserves a Medal

Going into First We Feast’s Hot Ones Challenge, comic and actress Carly Aquilino said she thought her tolerance for spicy food was okay, but that she really wasn’t sure what she was in for. If you’re new to the food Internet, the Hot Ones Challenge is when celebrities eat wings ranging in hotness from Sriracha to a Scoville level we don’t ever want to go near, and have to answer interview questions while they’re doing it.

To put the heat into perspective, Jim Gaffigan, who has made an entire career talking and writing about food, stopped before he got to the end of the challenge last week. Aquilino is one of the best we’ve ever seen, and as a comic, she doesn’t miss a beat until the end. Amazingly, none of the wings affect her at all, in any way, until she gets to the end. She says it “was f*cking terrible,” and wonders why anyone would ever put themselves through the horror of eating it.

Watch the video:

[image via screen grab, First We Feast]

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