WATCH: Cat Cora Gets Scolded For Divulging Lesbian ‘Trade Secrets’ On The Talk

Cat Cora co-hosted The Talk today in place of a vacationing Julie Chen, but little did she know that before doing an easy, breezy grilled fruit demo, she’d engage in that oh-so-subtle form of flirting: merciless shit-giving with fellow hostess Sara Gilbert. (Jay kay! They’re both happily taken, Sara by former 4 Non Blondes frontwoman Linda Perry, and Cat by her tall, smokin’ hot blonde wife Jennifer.)

First, the ladies tackled the hot button topic of love vs. lust and how to tell the two apart, and Cat admitted that she thought they were the same thing for years (“YEARS!”). Apparently, Cat found herself falling victim to that oft-cited lesbian stereotype of driving a U-Haul to the first date (you know, because lesbians attach quickly and like nesting…). She’s quickly shushed by fellow lady-pond swimmer Sara Gilbert for giving away all the “trade secrets.” So, she switches teams topics, natch!

When Aisha Tyler confesses that, before she met her husband, she was the smash ‘n’ dash type, Cat chimes in that she used to be like that when she dated men, too! Of course, Sharon Osbourne interjects with, wait, what?! Boys?! You?! But Cat laughs it off like a champ.

Check out the clip below.

Oh, and by the way, Cat got Sara back later:

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