Cat Cora Strikes Plea Bargain, Won’t Go To Jail

TMZ reports that Cat Cora, who was arrested for DUI earlier this summer and arraigned after she crashed into a car, has struck a plea bargain with Santa Barbara prosecutors which will prevent her from going to jail.

Without the deal, in which Cora pled “no contest” to the first count of DUI and had the second count dropped, she would have spent 120 terrible, soul-crushing days in jail, with nary a Vita-Prep or Shun knife in her possession (in prison, a chef’s knife is pretty much a shank). Instead, her sentence was suspended and she’s getting off with three years of probation and nine months of DUI school.

Also, they happen to know how much she paid in fines, which was exactly $2,386.

Cora, who was videotaped calling the victim of the accident a “nerd,” sent out a subdued apology afterwards.


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