CBS Buys Meatball Shop-Inspired Pilot (Quick, Let’s Name Who Should Play Michael Chernow and Daniel Holzman)

Well well, our meatball-slingin’ guys are going to be on TV! Well, ish.

Deadline reports that a yet-to-be-named comedy inspired by the beginnings of the Meatball Shop has been bought by CBS. Evidently, the comedy “is rooted firmly in reality” from Michael Chernow’s and Daniel Holzman’s journey together. So says Deadline:

The duo, who own the Meatball Shop restaurants in New York City, are best friends from high school who teamed to open a restaurant together. They soon realized they can’t stand working together, bickering over every decision, but their business took off and, with millions of dollars at stake, they couldn’t break up and had to find a way to hold it together. So they started seeing a marriage counselor.

Chernow and Holzman will be consulting producers on the show. Quick, everyone start naming the actors they most want to see playing Chernow and Holzman!

But really, maybe Chernow doesn’t need a stand-in on the show.

Or Holzman.

[Deadline h/t Eater]

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