Young Chef’s Overdose Death Ruled A Suicide

The unexpected death of 29-year-old Food Network Canada star Anthony Sedlak has been ruled a drug-related suicide, according to a British Columbia coroner’s report.

Last July, Sedlak, the host of culinary shows like The Main and Family Cook Off, was found dead in his Vancouver apartment. Though a statement from his family claimed his death was due to an undiagnosed medical condition, the CBC reported that authorities discovered that the chef intentionally ingested “excessive amounts of cocaine and oxycodone.” The coroner’s office classified the death as a suicide as far back as December 12, 2012.

Prior to his death, Sedlak’s Michelin-starred pedigree, telegenic qualities, and 50-pound weight loss had transformed the young chef into a Canadian superstar, with his win on Food Network’s Superstar Chef Challenge earning him a pilot for The Main, followed by four successful seasons and a nationally best-selling cookbook.


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