Here’s How Some of Your Favorite Chefs Celebrated Christmas On Instagram

The best thing about any holiday is obviously the food and Christmas is no exception. The second best thing is getting to look at all of said #foodporn on social media. Here’s how some of your favorite celebrity chefs celebrated.

Giada DeLaurentiis’s table looked impeccable, of course. We’ve put on some extra holiday weight just looking at all those desserts.



Scott Conant did the cooking himself and whipped up some pretty bomb looking pork shoulder.


Thomas Keller wished his fans, friends and followers a Merry Christmas from the staff at his Beverly Hills restaurant Bouchon.


Thomas Keller Xmas Insta


Geoffrey Zakarian stepped away from the food and shared a cartoon image of himself, wishing the Instagram-o-sphere well on Christmas.

Geoffrey Zakarian Christmas Insta


Anthony Bourdain threw it back with the 1960s and flower power.

Anthony Bourdain Instagram Xmas


Martha Stewart went very Martha Stewart with a perfectly decorated and placed white Christmas Tree.



Martha Stewart Instagram Xmas


Bobby Flay did Christmas the Italian way, and saw the Pope speak with his daughter in Italy.



Bobby Flay Christmas Instagram


Padma Lakshmi was home with her family, playing Connect Four by the tree.

Padma Christmas Instagram

How did you celebrate? Let us know in the comments!

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