Here Are Those ‘Celebrity Cronuts’ You Never Asked For

Probably because you, like the majority of the world, couldn’t afford a $100+ Cronut. But we can’t complain when these celebrity-bedazzled (yes, bedazzled) Cronuts will benefit the God’s Love We Deliver non-profit to help feed families this Thanksgiving.

Dominique Ansel and DwellStudio signed off for 17 celebrities and designers, like Heidi Klum, Joan Rivers, and Johnathan Adler, to create their own Cronut boxes to be auctioned off for charity. And boy, are these guys outlandishly fancy. But hey, if you were going to auction off a Cronut box, better make yours the best. The bidding for these boxes will start at $100, but will surely go higher for these designer Cronuts. Oh, and to top it off? The Cronuts are topped with 24K-gold leaves. (And filled with pumpkin cream, but who cares about that when there’s a freaking gold leaf on top?)

You can check out all the designs at Refinery 29, but we’ll just go ahead and tell you which ones we would actually bid on and which ones are just plain bananas: Peter Som’s could easily be transformed into a fancy handbag, as could Adler’s and Klum’s. Christiane Lemieux’s is a work of art. Sandra Lee’s looks … like what you might imagine Sandra Lee’s to look like. And props to the cast of Cinderella for transforming their box to look like the pumpkin carriage.

[Refinery 29]

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