Charlie Palmer Jumps On The President Bandwagon With Menu Based On Presidents’ Favorite Foods

These days, it seems like everybody’s obsessed with presidents — and it turns out that Charlie Palmer is no exception. Hopping on the cultural bandwagon that gave us Lincoln the movie, “Lincoln” the SNL sketch, Lincoln the vampire hunter and the presidential election, Palmer is serving a special menu at his steakhouse in Washington, DC with the favorite dishes of every president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The Washington Post Express totally geeked out over the menu, particularly with the updated version of Richard Nixon’s favorite dish, Chicken a la Destroying America’s Belief In The Trustworthiness Of Their Government. Hahaha, no, his favorite dish was Beef Wellington.

“The English-born meal traditionally consists of tenderloin that is covered in pate and a mixture of mushrooms, wrapped in dough and baked,” they learned from the restaurant’s executive chef Jeffrey Russell. “It was trendy in the U.S. during the ’60s and ’70s, and Nixon is said to have served it at all of his state dinners. (Can you imagine a president getting away with that repetition today?)”

You can, if that president were as terrifying as Nixon! (Presidential history nerd inside joke.)

Each week leading up to the Inauguration, the restaurant will celebrate a new president on their Capitol Countdown Menu. Hilariously, the choices for each president reflect their backgrounds to a T, especially with Barack Obama’s pineapple and soy-glazed steak, Jimmy Carter’s stuffed pork chop and grits, and boring old Gerald Ford’s boring old braised pork and cabbage. But we’re going to have to ding Charlie Palmer Steak DC for getting Bill Clinton wrong: he’s not a chicken fried steak boy anymore, guys; he’s a vegan. Omigod, get with the presidential dietary/lifestyle change times, guys.

[The Washington Post Express]

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