Charlie Trotter Gets A Street Named After Him

The City of Chicago has a lot to thank Charlie Trotter for, such as that one time he radically reinvented American cuisine. As well as having its mayor show up to his farewell gala and his face grace the cover of the Chicago Tribune, the City is now offering Trotter the raddest honor anyone could ever bestow upon someone: getting a street named after them. (The James Beard what now?)

This Friday only, reports The Daily MealAlderman Michelle Smith will rename the corner of Armitage and Dayton Streets “Charlie Trotter’s Way,” since 1) that’s where his restaurant is located, and 2) if you don’t do things Charlie Trotter’s Way, he will choke you for fun, maybe.

Also, he gets to keep the sign — one of the many benefits of being a legendary chef who’s retiring from the business after 25 years, and whose final dinner service this Friday will be staffed by his distinguished alumni and friends. This sure does beat stealing a street sign in the night like a teenage hooligan.

[The Daily Meal]

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